Behind The Scenes, 21 August 2019: A chance enquiry leads to a great discovery

BLOG POST - 21 August 2019: A chance enquiry from a researcher in New Zealand has led us to brilliant discovery about a painting in our collections by an artist called Edwin Harris (1806-1895).

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Gold posy ring from Modbury added to City’s treasure collections

PRESS RELEASE - 21 August 2019: Plymouth’s archaeology collections have been boosted by a new item of officially recorded Treasure - a gold 'posy' ring dating from the mid-late 1600's.

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Museum On Tour, 14 August 2019: Staggering stats for our offsite programme

BLOG POST, 14 August 2019: A review of the 'On Tour' programme we've been running since the Museum and Art Gallery building closed in late 2016 has revealed some staggering stats!

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