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New blue plaque honours Plymouth’s first female doctor

PRESS RELEASE - 17 December 2018: A new blue plaque honouring a pioneering female medic has been unveiled on the University of Plymouth’s campus. Dr Rosa Bale's plaque can be found on the north side of the Portland Square building.

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Suffrage plaque unveiled outside College of Art

PRESS RELEASE - 13 December 2018: Almost 100 years to the day since women voted in a General Election for the first time (December 14, 1918), a new blue plaque highlighting the location of two venues linked to the women’s suffrage movement of the early 1900s has been unveiled outside Plymouth College of Art.

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Contract awards set final phase of works at Elizabethan House in motion

PRESS RELEASE - 13 December 2018: The final phase of design works to the historic Elizabethan House has been given the green light with the appointment of two internationally experienced companies to lead on the interpretation design and installation.

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