Can you help us find out about this month’s mystery object?
By Rachel Smith and Tabitha Cadbury, curators of Social History and World Cultures

Some objects have been found in the social history stores with no associated information, so we don’t know what they are. Each month we will post a new mystery object. This month’s mystery object is on display in the museum if you want to come in for a closer look, or click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Can you tell us anything about the mystery item? Have you got any idea of its original use? Can you guess? Or better still do you have a story or anecdote connected to it?

The social history collection covers everything from working life, home life and community life as well as personal items. Therefore the mystery objects could be tools for a trade or craft, items for domestic use, bits of a building or pretty much anything really! And don’t forget the object may be a piece of something much larger.

Your help is much appreciated.