By Emma Philip, Curator of Fine Art

This week the second batch of furniture arrived back from conservation treatment at Tankerdale; one of Charles Rogers’ bookcases, and the ‘Canterbury’ Cabinet.

Before we could dispatch the next items of furniture for conservation, we obviously had to remove all the books stored in them and take the ceramics off the top.  Here you can see Ian and Neil carefully removing the large porcelain vases from the top of one of our bookcases.

Carefully removing some ceramics!

Carefully removing some ceramics!

Chris and Allan from Tankerdale then arrived to deliver the newly conserved pieces, and collect the latest batch for treatment; William Cotton’s bookcase, the glazed-front bookcase and our rosewood pedestal table.

 Below you can see Chris and Allan carefully reassembling Charles Rogers’ bookcase on its new display plinth.

 We hope to see batch 3 back in Plymouth in August. 

Reassembling Charles Rogers' bookcase

Reassembling Charles Rogers’ bookcase