It is with great pleasure that I can invite you to keep up to date, participate with and enjoy our progress as we take you on a dizzying romp through one of Plymouth’s most important artistic legacy, The Cottonian Collection.
The whole collection was bequeathed to the city in 1862, the collection represents the artistic flavours and trends of 17th and 18th century art and design, and includes several unique items of furniture, oil paintings, a library, sculptures and an incredible print collection. The Young Explainers will be focusing solely on the print collection, where we will be bringing you a fascinating glimpse into trade, power, religion, nudity and ethics in the 18th century.
Featuring an all-day interactive event at the museum, online videos, two Art Bite talks on ‘Nude or Naked’ and ‘Makers and Methods’ and a complete revamping of the labelling and display of the print collection, we’re making sure we create a feast for the eyes, as well as reinvigorating the health and well-being of the incredible Cottonian Collection.
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