A quick hello from the Young Explainers! We’ve had some very exciting developments recently and we’re here to share them with you. Many of our projects are coming into their final stages: the gallery text panel is written and about to be printed, the labels are nearly completed and ideas for a gallery catalogue are being rounded off.  The Art Nibbles are almost ready to be filmed and put onto the Museum website and the Art Bite gallery talks are almost ready to go (Sorry, you’ll have to wait until June to hear them!). The most exciting update of them all has to be the Event! We’ve got a time (7.30pm), date (9th May) and a place (the Roundabout pub, Plymouth), and an itinerary – there’ll be a quiz with prizes, a fun photo-booth, some snacks, some drinks and live music, all to an 18th Century Masquerade theme! Keep an eye out here, on our twitter, @youngexplainers, and on our facebook, facebook.com/plymouthsgreatestgift, for more updates.