Name: Rebecca Collins

Favourite Sandwich: Uhm… Chicken and red pepper ciabatta from Costa.

Where do you come from and what do you do?

I’m from a small village called Abercrave in the Upper Swansea Valley, Wales. I’m an Illustrator and I study illustration at the University. I like to make mixed-media images for a variety of contexts including Children’s Books and Surface Pattern.

What’s your role in Young Explainers?

I am the co-ordinator of the Social Media team and I run the blog. This has given me a chance to really understand promotion and social platforms on the internet, and helped me really appreciate organisation and consistency! I also help out with the design aspects of the project, including creating flyers and visuals for events, helping design text panels and information books.

Are you enjoying Young Explainers?

What have you learnt so far? Very much so! I have learnt a lot about team work, and about more practical things like Gantt charts and note-making. I have also learnt about creating design work for clients and as part of a team, and working in a professional environment, which is incredibly useful!

How does Young Explainers relate to and support your personal aspirations?

I don’t really know what I want to do in the future at the moment, but I think I am learning a great deal about applying my illustrations and design skills to a working environment, as well as achieving short-term goals like, gaining experience of working in a team, learning about budgeting and improving my communication skills. I have actually created a drawing project on the Cottonian Collection, as I was so inspired by the Young Explainers project.


Any words of advice to future Young Explainers?

Get stuck in! This project is a brilliant opportunity to pick up some skills and experience and to make new friends. Enjoy it and embrace it! …And turn up to every meeting!