by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s been four weeks since our first ‘Build Update’ and time certainly seems to be passing quickly as things continue to progress on site.

To kick this post off, here’s a quick recap of what happened during the first three weeks after we officially broke ground, courtesy of the construction site web cam. You can see the road closure start to come into effect on Tavistock Place – and just how bad the weather in January was at one point!

Willmott Dixon, our building contractors, are currently completing a series of what are known as ‘enabling works’ – essentially prepping the site and sorting out all the things that are needed so the major works can begin.

This means having a range of sub-contractors on site as well. Each day as we turn up for work there are different vehicles from a range of organisations around the site.

The two most visible developments over the past month are, firstly, the installation of the hoardings on Tavistock Place and North Hill. There are some white header boards to be added to the North Hill side which runs along the front of the Museum and former Central Library, but otherwise these are now complete. Currently painted in Willmott Dixon’s distinct yellow, they will soon be covered with a series of graphics and images from the History Centre.

Front of Plymouth City Museum with hoardings as building work gets underway for the History Centre in February 2017

We’re working with Falmouth-based 2020 Projects on the design element of the hoardings graphics, and with Plymouth-based Atlas Graphics on the production and installation – a true regional collaboration! It’s a job that’s taken up a fair amount of my time over the past few weeks so I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished graphics in situ. I’ll update you on these in a future post and will no doubt be sharing images of them on our Facebook and Twitter feeds too.

The second most visible change is the delivery of the site offices. These are located in a two-storey format in the former car park outside St Luke’s Church. They were moved onto site with the help of a crane.

Here’s an image of them from the web cam which shows their location properly. Once the steps arrive for the top storey these will be complete.

The Plymouth History Centre construction site taken from a web cam on 27 February 2017

More changes are due soon in the form of scaffolding and the ‘over-roofing’ of the part of the Central Library building where demolition work will eventually take place. We’ll be back next month with news of further progress. In the meantime, here’s the time lapse footage from February to bring you right up to date.