By Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer

If you’ve been checking out our web cam on a regular basis you’ll have realised that things have been really busy on site since our last #BuildUpdate post four weeks ago. A quick glance at these two shots taken a couple of weeks apart gives you an idea of the increase in activity.

A web cam shot taken on 13 March 2017 of the Plymouth History Centre construction site

A web cam shot taken on 13 March 2017

A web cam shot taken on 30 March 2017 of the Plymouth History Centre construction site

A web cam shot taken on 30 March 2017

Five key things have happened since our last report.

The first is the removal of some Japanese Knotweed from a patch of land on the site.  This invasive plant was introduced to the UK in the late 1800s and can create a whole range of problems.

The second is what is known as a ‘soft strip’ in the former Central Library. A ‘soft strip’ involves the removal of internal fixtures and fittings, ultimately leaving a ‘frame’ ready for building and construction work. Carpet tiles have been taken up, windows, doors and door frames have been removed.

The third is the appearance of another set of hoardings – this time at the back of Chapel Lane – shown here on a lovely sunny day slightly earlier in the month.

Hoardings on Chapel Lane, Plymouth as part of the History Centre construction site

New hoardings at the back of the History Centre site

The fourth is the demolition of some small outbuildings in the car park next to St Luke’s Church. This work largely took place during the weeks of 6 March and 13 March. The demolition will enable us to create a walkway from Chapel Street through to Tavistock Place, providing easy access to the History Centre complex and the public piazza.

Demolition work begins at the Plymouth History Centre site - 10 March 2017

Demolition work begins. This shot was taken on 10 March 2017 from Chapel Lane

Demolition work at the Plymouth History Centre site - 28 March 2017

The demolition of one of the St Luke’s Church outbuildings complete. This shot was taken on 28 March 2017 from Tavistock Place

The fifth and probably most publicly visible piece of work is the scaffolding. This started to go up on 20 March and, due to its extent, will take around five weeks to install.

Scaffolding on the former Plymouth Central Library building - March 2017

Scaffolding has started to go up on the former Central Library building

A temporary roof has also been put up over the former Central Library building. The existing roof will be taken off and a new one put on. This work will take place under the temporary roof meaning the rest of the building will be kept dry.

We’ll be back with another #BuildUpdate in late April when there will no doubt be lots more work to report on. We’ll finish with our latest progress report video which gives you an overview of a number of things that have been achieved for the History Centre from January to March 2017.