by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer

As you may expect, it’s been another busy month on site at The Box! We weren’t able to include any time lapse footage in our last #BuildUpdate post but here are a couple of clips from the web cam to bring you up to date.

May’s footage will also be available shortly and we’ll share it on our YouTube channel and social networks as soon as possible. Hopefully it’s really clear from these clips just how much progress is being made on the extension to the former Central Library and Museum and Art Gallery buildings.

I was taking a small group of people on a tour around the perimeter of the site recently and it really struck me just how much things had moved on. I thought it might be fun to compare and contrast some of the photos from our web cam to demonstrate just how far we’ve come.

Here’s the first shot we captured from the web cam on 16 January 2017 when Tavistock Place had just closed.

Web Cam by Day 16.01.17

……….and here’s what it looked like once the hoardings had gone up and the site offices had been installed three months later in April 2017. You can see that some of the scaffolding has started to go up too……….

Web Cam 26 April 2017

……….Here’s how the site looked once the demolition to the non-listed extension had taken place in August 2017……….

Photograph from The Box web cam, 9 August 2017

……….Here’s how things were shaping up earlier in the spring. This shot was captured by the web cam on 28 March.

Web Cam 28 March 2018

……….and here’s what it looks like today. As you can see, the building is really shooting up.

The Box web cam 29 May 2018

I also have a couple of compare and contrast shots from the other end of Tavistock Place which help to illustrate our progress. This one was taken by me on 25 January 2017 just as the posts for the construction site gates and hoardings were being installed……….

Hoardings 25.01.17

……….and bringing you right up to the present day: here’s a photo taken by our Art Curator on 29 May from almost the same spot. It would be easy to think you were looking at two different streets!

Tavistock Place 29 May 2018

We’ll keep sharing the snaps as things continue progress……….