by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer

We’re having a hectic week here with lots of different press announcements for The Box, but elsewhere progress is also being made with the Elizabethan House.

We recently put out an update about the project. Planning and listed building consent applications for the proposed phase two works have been submitted and will run until 9 October. You can read more here. We’re also in the process of recruiting for some new staff to work on the project. More details on this soon!

We had a series of graphics produced for the house earlier in the year and, as we prepare to move on to a new stage in the project, I thought it would be good to share them online. They give a great overview of the history of the house as well as outlining what we’re hoping to achieve. Have a read!

Here’s the first one. This sets the scene and takes us back to the days when Plymouth had a bustling Elizabethan harbour with many people whose livelihoods were based around and on the water.
EH Banner - History

The next graphic continues the Elizabethan story as peoples’ focus shifted to what was known at the time as the ‘New World’ and Plymouth continued to grow.EH Banner - Elizabethan

We haven’t explored it too much before, but the Elizabethan House also has a story in relation to the Victoria period. Things changed around the Barbican during this time as the streets and houses became overcrowded.

We have some amazing data from the different census’ that took place during the 1800’s and which helps paint an even more detailed picture of the house and the people who were living in it during this era.EH Banner - Victorian

By the early 1900’s, the living conditions in the area around the Elizabethan House were extremely poor. New Street and 18 other Plymouth streets were earmarked for slum clearance in the Addison Housing Act of 1919, but a campaign to save the house from demolition ultimately proved successful.EH Banner - Restoration

……….and now to the future. This graphic outlines the restoration project we’ve now begun and how we hope to bring the house back to life. We’ll continue to keep you posted as things develop!
EH Banner - Future