by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer

2018 has gone by so quickly. It’s hard to believe this is the penultimate #BuildUpdate of the year!

There are plenty of things to highlight from the construction site this month.

The first thing is the installation of the restored stained-glass windows in St Luke’s Church. This has involved some wonderful traditional craft techniques and is now complete. We’ll be covering this in a more detailed post with some video clips at the end of the week.

Elsewhere in St Luke’s, a specialist contractor has finished polishing the concrete floor. This space has been completely transformed over the last few months. It’s going to make a really striking exhibition and events venue when all the work is done.

Polished floor in St Luke's Church, November 2018

In the main building, the re-fixing of new decorative plaster in the Atrium of the former Museum is complete, a glass balustrade has been installed in what will be our ‘Active Archive’ gallery and hanging steels for the figureheads are being installed. The image below isn’t the most interesting picture I’ve ever taken – but you can see the hanging steels in situ.

Figurehead fixings in The Box, Plymouth - November 2018

Acoustic ceiling tiles have been installed in the ‘Our Art’ gallery and the room where our ‘Mayflower 400: Legend and Legacy’ exhibition will be displayed. This space is really looking different now with the walls painted in a shade known as ‘Traffic Light Black’.

The Mayflower gallery in The Box, Plymouth being painted - November 2018

Willmott Dixon, our building contractors, have continued to host hard hat tours to private groups including Job Centre Plus and the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers. As always, everyone has given great feedback and has really enjoyed their chance to see behind the scenes.

CIBSE hard hat tour of The Box, Plymouth - November 2018

Outside, the installation of the rails around our ‘box in the sky’ have also been finished – as you can see from this image.

Exterior of The Box, Plymouth - November 2018

I’ve stitched together some short video clips showing the contractors as they complete the job. Apologies for the wobbly sections – it was a windy day!

Willmott Dixon will be moving their site offices to the former Social Club car park before Christmas and the car park is currently being prepared. The drilled out sections you can see in this image will be filled with concrete to provide a robust base for the site cabins.

Social Club car park being prepared for site cabins at The Box, Plymouth - November 2018

……….to finish here’s a quick comparison between the site last November……….

The Box, Plymouth - November 2017

………. and this November……….

The Box - November 2018

……….I think I’ve said this in previous posts, but it’s amazing what a difference the last 12 months have made. Keep an eye out for our additional post about the St Luke’s windows at the end of the week and thanks for reading!