by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer

Everyone on site has come back feeling refreshed from their festive breaks and with The Box set to open next year building and construction work is really moving on. I managed to get a few images while I was showing someone around last week so thought I’d share them in today’s post to give you an insight into some of the latest developments.

On the day I was on site preparations were being made for the flooring to be laid in the ‘Active Archive’ gallery……….

Active Archives - from Library end

……….the ceiling was being installed in the ‘100 Journeys’ gallery, new pipework was being installed and loads of progress has been made with the installation of the new racking in the stores.

Racking in Archive Store - January 2019

More spaces have been painted including the ‘Media Lab’ gallery. You can see from this image that the same colour has been used in here as the gallery where our ‘Mayflower 400: Legend and Legacy’ exhibition will be displayed.

Media Lab - January 2019

You may have seen the press release we issued in late Autumn when we awarded the contract for the fit-out of the galleries to The Hub. Since they came onboard they’ve also been busy behind the scenes appointing a number of specialist sub-contractors to deal with showcases, mounts, electrical and lighting requirements, the hardware and software for the audio visual elements and the artwork and production for all the gallery graphics. We’ll have more news and updates from them as 2019 progresses.

Elsewhere, St Luke’s Church was a hive of activity while I was on site too. The pews that have been retained are currently being worked on and look fantastic.

Pews in St Luke's Church - January 2019

The building contractors moved their site cabins up to the former social club car park in late December. As a result it’s becoming easier to get a sense of the scale of the outside piazza we’re creating in between the buildings.

Piazza Space - January 2019

The other most noticeable change those who’ve been in the Tavistock Place area will have noticed are the tiles that are now being installed on the exterior of the building. Some of them are mirror tiles and I was able to get up close to them whilst on site.

Mirror Tiles - January 2019

Here’s an exterior shot to show the tiles that have been installed so far in situ.

Exterior with tiles - January 2019

As you can hopefully see, there’s a huge amount of work going on right across the site. I’ll close with a bit of (slightly wobbly!) video footage that I captured a few days ago and will be back with another #BuildUpdate at the end of February.