by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer
with thanks to Terah Walkup, Stacey Turner, Stacey Anderson, Lizzie Hilton, Louisa Blight and Willmott Dixon for their images

It’s a busy week with last-minute preparations for the Plymouth History Festival in full swing so today’s post is quite heavy on images. We have some nice photos to share though!

A few members of staff posted pictures on their own networks earlier this month and this collage shows a small selection.

Site Images Collage - new images blog

Working clockwise from top left, the pictures show:

  1. Under floor heating being laid in the main foyer, café and shop area
  2. Some of our infamous racking, ready to be filled with paintings
  3. The exterior of the main entrance from a slightly different perspective
  4. The outside space that will eventually become our piazza

The removal of a hoardings panel has provided a much better view of what will become our outside piazza as these additional images also show.

Site Images Collage2 - new images blog

I was on site doing some filming last week and took these images inside St Luke’s Church. The way this building is being transformed amazes me whenever I step inside it. No doubt it will look even more fantastic when it’s finished and is being used as an exhibition and events venue.

St Luke's1 - new images blog

St Luke's2 - new images blog

The scaffolding on the outside of St Luke’s has been removed and the exterior is looking great too.

St Luke's Exterior - new images blog

When we went over into the main building things had moved on quite a lot since the first photograph in this post. As you can see from this image, the floor in the foyer, café and shop has now been laid.

Wow Space - new images blog

Recent visitors to the site have included John Chambers, the CEO of the Archives and Records Association. This is the lead professional body for archivists, archive conservators and records managers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

John Chambers - CEO of Archives and Records Association - new images blog

Even Elmer the Elephant took a look around. Our building contractors Willmott Dixon are one of the sponsors of the Elmer Trail that will be launched around the city this summer.

Willmott Dixon and Elmer - new images blog

Elsewhere, we’ve been busy proof reading the labels and panels for the ‘Our Art’ and ‘Active Archive’ galleries and are expecting a second batch of artwork for yet more galleries in the next couple of weeks.

A number of staff have also been working intensely with our specialist mountmakers and this work is set to continue throughout May. This great image by our Art Curator show the palette that once belonged to famous artist Sir Joshua Reynolds being fitted for its mount.

Reynolds Palette - new images blog

In case you missed it, I’ll end this post with the latest footage from the construction site web cam showing the cladding going up and the tower crane coming down. More updates will follow at the end of the month!