by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer

Another month has passed and we’re already nearly halfway through 2019.

While we’ve been busy with our offsite activities for this year’s History Festival throughout May, a great deal of hard work has also been happening on site.

Here’s the most recent time lapse footage from our web cam in case you haven’t yet seen it.

Things are continuing to take shape and every time one of us does a site tour now something has changed! Here are a few snaps I took while I was walking around the perimeter of the site on a recent sunny day.

Images from the exterior of The Box construction site

The outside space in between the main building and St Luke’s Church is also really coming along. The ground is currently being prepared for the paving to be laid as you can see from this video clip.


Looking at the images from the web cam is also a stark reminder of how much has been achieved on the construction site – especially if you compare images from this year with last year.

This image was taken on 29 May 2018…..

A web cam image of The Box construction site

Here’s how things look today on 29 May 2019…..

Image from The Box Plymouth's web cam showing the construction site on 29 May 2019

Just imagine this scene in another 12 months!

Behind the scenes I’ve previously mentioned the huge amount of work that’s happening around the development of the galleries you’ll be able to visit when The Box opens. Many of us have been working hard for months on this aspect of the project – choosing, conserving, preparing and documenting objects, researching and writing the text for all our information panels, wall vinyls and labels, sourcing images, securing copyright permissions, developing concepts and designs – the list goes on!

Huge progress has been made with our mount makers who’ve measured hundreds of objects over the last few weeks so the mounts they’ll be displayed on can be accurately made.

We’ve been doing lots more work for the interactives that will be in the galleries including photography and scanning. We’ve also been testing several styles of mannequins to make sure we’ve selected the best shapes and styles for the costume items that will be on display.

Photograph of mannequins

The company who are producing the graphics for the galleries have recently made a series of prototypes and I went to their offices with our Gallery Coordinator Alice and Head of Heritage, Art and Film Nicola to look at them last week.

It was an exciting moment for Nicola and Alice as they’re really involved with the galleries. We were also joined by our lead designer David and project manager Joe.

Looking at the prototypes enabled us to check the colours, finishes and materials for a range of items including introduction panels, case panels, labels, light boxes, banners and wallpaper. Here are a few snaps from the day.

A man and two women look at graphics and designs for The Box's new galleries

Overall, we were really pleased with everything we saw. It was a really positive end to yet another month of very hard work!