by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer

Welcome to this month’s Build Update! As is the custom, it’s been another busy month.

In terms of construction work, comparing where we were last year with where we are today is always a bit of an eye opener. Here’s an image taken on this day in 2018……….

Web Cam 25.06.18 - Build Update June 2018

……….and here’s an image from today’s web cam. Seeing these pictures together is really something.

An image of The Box construction site taken on 26 June 2019

St Luke’s Church is also looking great. This image was posted on Twitter by a member of the South West Women in Construction group when they were on a recent site visit.

Photo of a church painted cream with a bright blue sky in the background

While construction work has been in full effect the site has been under the guardianship of our building contractors, Willmott Dixon – but we’re now reaching the stage in the project when it will be handed back to us.

This will be done in four stages, otherwise known as sectional completions. The first sectional completion will happen very soon and will see the former Museum and Art Gallery building handed back to us. As you can see from the following images flooring, ceilings and walls in many of the spaces are looking great and the galleries are nearing the point where we can start to fit them out.

This is the old ‘North Gallery’ which will house our ‘Mayflower 400: Legend and Legacy’ exhibition.

Photo of an art gallery with a polished wooden floor and black walls

This is the former ‘Explore Nature’ gallery and Learning Room which will house our mammoth when it arrives.

Photo of a museum gallery with black and white walls and wooden floor - outside and inside

This is the gallery we’re currently referring to as the ‘100 Journeys’ gallery. It’s one large space which has been created from the Museum’s former world cultures, Ancient Egypt and archaeology galleries. What a room!

Photo of an art gallery with a polished wooden floor and deep blue walls - outside and inside

At the offsite store, the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office and the South West Film and Television Archive there’s a huge amount of work being done to prepare the collections ready for returning and/or moving them on to the site.

Staff are also still working hard on the gallery content and a mammoth (no pun intended) amount of work is being undertaken on the development of interactives, assets, images and artwork for each of the spaces.

Lots of work on the development of our temporary exhibition and events programmes, retail and catering facilities is also happening as we speak. Much more to come on these at a later date!

I’ll wrap up today’s post with two additional images of the building. The one was taken at the start of the month when there was an amazing ‘mackerel sky’ over Plymouth.

Photo of the outside of The Box Plymouth on 1 June 2019 - outside and inside

The one offers another vantage point and was captured from the top floor of the Roland Levinsky Building.

Photo of The Box from North Hill - 15 June 2019