by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer

This month’s look at what’s been happening on site is based on a walk around the old Museum building that I did with our Site Manager last week. He works for our fit-out contractors The Hub and it was really interesting to chat to him and get the latest on what they’ve been doing. The main focus of their work so far has been on prepping many of the spaces that will become The Box’s permanent galleries before all the objects and works of art return or arrive.

This is how the old Museum foyer currently looks – complete with a protective floor cover that will keep the beautiful terrazzo marble underneath safe while so many things are being delivered and moved around the building. The pillars on either side of the room have also been covered.

Photo of the old Plymouth Museum foyer - August 2019

This image shows the natural history gallery as it currently looks. In the top left you can see a collection of blue shapes suspended from the ceiling. This is a small test sample for the vast number of butterfly specimens that visitors will be able to see in this gallery.

Photo of The Box's natural history gallery - August 2019

In our ‘Port’ gallery things are looking very different to how they were earlier in the summer. You can see from the two images below that quite a lot of building work has taken place here.

Photos of walls being built in The Box's Port gallery - August 2019

The gallery where we’ll be highlighting the stories of many famous journeys that have started and finished in Plymouth always looks great to me – even without anything in it! This image shows where a ‘puffersphere’ will be positioned in it.

Photo of the puffersphere template in The Box's '100 Journeys' gallery - August 2019

This isn’t a word I’ve invented – it’s an eye-catching spherical display system that will form one of the interactives in this gallery. You can get an idea of what a puffersphere looks like and how it works in this video.

It’s not easy to talk about the interactives we’re developing without giving too much away – but here’s a glimpse of another one. This is the test video for the ‘Map Table’ that will be located in our ‘Active Archives’ gallery. The finished version will be an interactive A0-sized table where people can carry out map research and make comparisons between then and now.

The Hub’s hard work continues in the remaining first floor galleries too. Frames are waiting for installation and images in our ‘Photo Album’ gallery while templates have been positioned everywhere so the dimensions for cases, plinths, walls and access routes can be checked and confirmed before the physical fit-out begins.

Photos from The Box construction site - August 2019

Elsewhere on site, everyone is continuing to work extremely hard. Lots of progress is being made with the paving for the outdoor piazza that will link our main building with St Luke’s Church. The tiles on the underside of the cantilever are also being installed.

Photo of the exterior cladding being installed at The Box - August 2019

Here’s the most recent time lapse footage from our web cam to wrap up today’s post. I’ll have another update from the site in late September when I’m sure there’ll be many more developments to share!