by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer

October has been a month of visible change for The Box with a huge amount of work taking place in our new galleries and on the building site.

Although it’s not as easy to see at the moment, the amount of work our staff are doing behind the scenes can’t be underestimated either. As we get closer to our 2020 launch there’s a massive amount of planning, decision making, preparation, asset sourcing, writing, checking and proof reading taking place – to mention just a few things!

There’s a lot of packing going on too. This collage and post were shared on Instagram recently by our Media Archivist. They summarise the huge effort that’s been put in over the last few weeks to ready the collections at the South West Film and Television Archive for their move.

We did it! This is what team work looks like. Racking down, film and tape collections all packed up ready for transfer to The Box.

In the galleries we’re developing our fit out contractors have set out a number of display cases and showcases. There are sections of the galleries that need a bit of set design and some of this has been assembled and painted. A number of elements have also been installed including:

  • lighting features
  • audio visual equipment including screens, monitors, projectors, projection walls and speakers
  • frameworks and walls
  • display cubes and wall units

In the collage below you can see some of the key things that have been achieved on the construction site. Working clockwise from top left you can see (1) the ‘bridge’ on the first floor of our main building nearing completion with the carpets covered while final decoration takes place, (2) glass doors and panels being installed, (3) paving slabs being laid through the central pedestrian route on Tavistock Place, and (4) finishing touches being applied to St Luke’s including the completion of new oak flooring on the first floor.

If you’ve walked or driven down North Hill over the last couple of weeks you’ll have noticed that the removal of the scaffolding is complete! The hoardings have also been taken down and it’s great to see this side of The Box revealed once more.

The exciting delivery and installation of our 14 Royal Naval figureheads and 288 ship’s badges has continued. The work has been well-documented over the last few weeks but if you’ve missed any of it or want to find out more click here.

I’ll end this month’s Build Update with a couple of recent images. The first one shows the newly installed underside cladding of The Box’s cantilever. The second is a lovely shot of St Luke’s. It was a really bright morning when the picture was taken and the sun was reflecting off the glass on our main building on to the church.

Photo of the cantilever of The Box, Plymouth taken in October 2019

Photo of St Luke's Church at The Box, Plymouth with sunlight reflected on it taken in October 2019