Devonport Heritage Trail

Photograph showing an artwork low down on a wall by a seafrontThe Devonport Heritage Trail was a partnership project with the Devonport Regeneration Community Partnership to extend the Waterfront Walkway in to and around Devonport. This allows local residents and visitors to appreciate and learn about Devonport’s heritage alongside attractive public art features designed and developed with local people being actively involved.

Three artists were appointed to help develop the trail with public art features being used to define the route and act as waymarkers.

Gary and Thomas Thrussell

Photograph showing a circular metal marker with pier written on it, on a wall near a waterfrontBodmin-based artists Gary and Thomas Thrussell created up to 90 sculptural discs to act as waymarkers for the trail. Each of the discs is embossed with a different identity based upon its location and community priorities.

Carole Waller

Carole Waller created an attractive enhancement to the new Devonport Park Pavilion based upon introducing painted fabric inset between two layers of toughened glass. A series of community art workshops helped develop the images used through screen printing sessions.

Michael Disley

Finally Michael Disley from West Yorkshire created five sculptural stone benches for placement along the route. Each bench was carved by local schools and local residents under the guidance and tutelage of Michael.

Trail maps and guides

Devonport Heritage Trail [PDF]

Devonport Heritage Trail – Cumberland Gardens [PDF]

Devonport Heritage Trail – Devonport park [PDF]

Devonport Heritage Trail – Mount Wise [PDF]

Devonport Heritage Trail – North Corner [PDF]

Devonport art strategy [PDF]