Cutting Line

This large steel sculpture stands 4.9 meters high, standing tall over the Marsh Mills Retail Park. ‘Spare, simple, strong and timeless … its scale always totally in charge of its setting, words that have been used to describe my sculpture' Ann Christopher once said. ‘I am drawn to the contemplative and calm image and that is what I strive for – journeys of discovery – journeys into the mind.’

steel sculpture in situArtist: Ann Christopher
Category: Permanent
Date: 1996
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Commissioner: Unconfirmed

About the Artist

Photograph of the name plaque for the sculpture Cutting LineAnn Christopher works primarily in cast bronze, stainless steel and fabricated corten. Her work spans a wide range of mediums such as drawings, print, site specific commissions and both large and small sculptural pieces. She has stated that her works demand contemplation and are intended to evoke ideas of solitude and presence.

She was elected to the Royal Academy of Arts in the 1980’s and in the 90’s was elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptures. In the years since, Christopher has been selected to exhibit in a number of shows and taken up Artist Residencies in Ireland and France.