Kinterbury Creek Bridge

The aim of this socially engaged commission was to address access to and engagement for the community with a designated County Wildlife Site and to give access to the foreshore.

Photograph of Kinterbury Creek BridgeArtist: Muf
Category: Permanent
Date: 2015
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Commissioner: Take A Part
Partners: Arts Council England
Supporters: Plymouth City Council

Project Description

Photograph of the building of Kinterbury Creek Bridge

Take A Part and Muf worked with Barne Barton Young Ambassadors group to research the bridge design, write the artist brief and choose the design for a new bridge at Kinterbury Creek.  The original bridge was damaged by fire on two separate occasions, and it was hoped that by creating a bridge in collaboration with the community there would be a real sense of ownership of the finished work. The project also addressed issues of access to the foreshore in a community where 90% of waterfront access is cut off due to Ministry of Defence use of land.

Take A Part is a socially engaged audience development group that focuses on communicating with economically deprived areas through contemporary art projects.

About the Artist

Muf are a London based contemporary art and architectural firm; they have international acclaim and have received awards for their innovative designs. Their primary aim is create projects that engage communities and give them a sense of place and ownership of their environment highlighting special, social and economic infrastructures of the public realm.