Medieval Plymouth

Sited on the wall of Drake Circus close to the Cornwall Street Entrance, ‘Medieval Plymouth’ is a large ceramic mural created by artist duo Philippa Threfall and Kennedy Collings.

Photograph of the Medieval Plymouth muralArtist: Philippa Threlfall and Kennedy Collings
Date: 2007
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Project Description

The artists took inspiration for the mural from medieval maps, particularly the Henry Vlll maps of Plymouth now held in the British Museum. The mural is made up of varying sizes and textures of ceramic tiles in a mosaic design which highlights Plymouth’s agricultural and naval heritage. The differing glazes and patterns woven into the design represent the rich detail and description on the original maps. The work was initially unveiled by HRH Princess Anne in an underpass on the Drakes Circus site; but relocated in 2007 when the area was redeveloped into a new shopping centre.

About the Artist

Photograph close up of the Medieval Plymouth muralPhilippa Threlfall has been making relief murals since the 1960’s in collaboration with her husband Kennedy Collings; together they have completed over 100 major works across the United Kingdom and overseas.

The work with terracotta ceramic and a variety of stone, pebbles, slate etc., adding richness to surface texture. It is this combination of tactile qualities and accessible subject matter that has made their work so popular for both public and private commissions.