Gold Bullion

The sculpture represents a stack of gold bullion and commemorates the history of gold and international trade that moved through the docks of Millbay.

Photograph of sculpture of iron ingots painted to resemble gold.Category: Permanent
Date: 1999
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Plymouth City Council



Project Description

Golf bullion in situ

The sculpture originally sited at the turning for King Point Marina is made from reclaimed iron stacked and painted gold.

In the 1930’s millions of pounds worth of bullion was regularly handled at Millbay, arriving from Australia, South and West Africa and the United States. Gold sent via the docks could often be seen awaiting shipment guarded by a single unarmed policeman!

This work has recently been removed and placed into storage for safe-keeping while the Millbay regeneration project takes place in the area. It will be reinstalled on site when work is complete.