Hoe Bollards

A series of silver bollards that run along the stretch of Hoe Road looking out onto the water. Each bollard commemorates historical or living figures with connections to the city. The names include explorers, artists, actors, sports stars and politicians.

Ballards in situCategory: Permanent
Date: 1999
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Plymouth City Council



Project Description

The people featured date from the early 1500s to the present day. Each bollard is engraved with the name of the person, their profession and birth and death dates where relevant. Some of the names featured include: Sir Frances Drake, Explorer. Beryl Cook, Artist, Dawn French, Actor Sharron Davies, Swimmer, and Michael Foot, Politician.

  • Thomas E. Lawrence 1888-1935 arabist
  • Closeup of a bollard which says 1935 arabist
  • Closeup of a bollard which says 'Foot 1905'
  • Closeup of a bollard which says 1905-1973 politician