Mount Batten Propeller

A replica of the propeller from a Sunderland flying boat which was used in WWII, references Mount Batten's previous role as an RAF base from 1917-1992. There are two inscriptions on the propeller: 'To Those Who Served' and 'Praedam Mari Quaero'. The second of these was the official motto of No. 204 Squadron who were based at Mount Batten (RAF Cattewater) from 1929. The phrase is Latin for 'I seek my prey in the sea'.

Category: Permanent
Date: 1999
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Photograph of the mount batten propellerProject Description

Mount Batten has a long history with the RAF, having had many uses during its development in the last 100 years. During WW2 there was an Australian Squadron based here, in 1960 it became the RAF school of combat survival until 1992 when the RAF finally left Mount Batten. Since then there has been a great deal of redevelopment in the area; it now holds one of the best water sport centres in Britain. The propeller stands at the edge of the headland, serving as a reminder of the long and rich history this place shares with the forces.