Plymothian Heart

'The Plymothian Heart' is located down to the left of the old Plymouth Dome site; its colourful design is based on a sailors tattoo and the words of a poem written by the ‘Waterfront Writers’ wraps around it in a rope design.

Photograph of the wall mounted sculpture Plymothian Heart.Category: Permanent
Date: 1999
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Project Description

Hearts remain one of the most popular tattoo choices in modern society, the hearts inked onto sailors would represent the idea of wanting to keep their loved ones close to them. They were often adorned with the words ‘Mom’ or a partner; here on the Hoe the words wrapping around the heart are a celebration of the love of Plymouth’s spirit. The piece links Plymouth with its longstanding historical of being intrinsically linked with the sea.

Photograph of the wall mounted Plymothian Heart sculpture.The Plymothian Heart
By The Waterfront Writers

Across the sound the ships of war
With cannons blazing at our shore
Have tried for centuries to tear apart
This unyielding spirit – The Plymothian Heart

The Waterfront Writers are a local group of writers of all abilities who come together once a week in Mutley to read, write and discuss ideas.