The Poem Wall

A series of poems inspired by Plymouth and its relationship with the sea are mounted onto the wall along Billacombe Road. British poet Kit Wright was commissioned to work with a local poetry group to compose the poems that stretch the length of the road on this busy route in and out of the city.

Photograph of Billacombe poetry wallCategory: Permanent
Date: 1999
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Plymouth City Council



Project Description

Four different poems are included in the artwork.  The following is a poem contributed by Kit Wright:

Plymouth Delta Blues

At the separation of the rivers by maneuvering ice

Or the running of salty lanes through cracks in the silt,

I stood up with all I knew of love and guilt,

Of joy and despair, like the twin blocks of a vice.

Like paying out a rope, I paid to the wind my dues:

I stood and sang those Plymouth Delta Blues.

Close up of a sectioned of wall mounted poetry engraved into stone.