The Rhino

The rhino sculpture stands along the foot and cycle path at the head of Pomphlett Lake. A poem written by Kit Wright and the Waterfront Writers is engraved on a large tablet nearby. The work was inspired by the remains found at the nearby Cattedown Caves which revealed evidence of prehistoric humans and animals.

A photograph of a stone sculpture of a RhinoCategory: Permanent
Date: 1999
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Plymouth City Council


Project Description

Photograph of the stone tablet describing the findings at Cattedwon caves and a poem.

In 1886 quarrymen discovered the remains of 15 humans while working on site, it is believed they date back as far as 140,000 years. Mammal remains such as hyena, wolf, bison and reindeer were also discovered.

Today the caves are listed and protected by Historic England and span a vast network under the Cattedown area. The Rhino – a mammal also discovered in the Cattedown ‘Bone Caves’ – serves as a reminder of this incredible discovery.

The poem ‘Primeval Plymouth’ is a collaborative piece by Kit Wright and the Waterfront Writers, it hints at the history lying dormant nearby:

Beneath these hills and pavements lies,

Immobilised, a fossil army

Which once, in steam and heat,

Howled in triumph to the skies

Rhino sculpture in situ