Wall of Stars

The stars mounted on the wall at Millbay highlight some of the historic Hollywood stars who have docked in Plymouth. Names including Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin, Boris Karloff and Cary Grant feature on the cast metal plaques along with the year and name of the ship they arrived on.

Photograph of the wall of stars in Millbay.Category: Permanent
Date: 1999
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Plymouth City Council

Project Description

Photograph of the Laurence Olivier star on the wall in Millbay.

In 1849 the railway system arrived making Millbay a key part of the local economy. Passengers making the transatlantic crossing between America and London could shave hours off their journey by swapping sea for rail here.

Plymouth provided a great stopping point for the glamourous transatlantic liners where the stars could complete their voyage to London by train.

The walk of Stars in Millbay highlights well known personalities of the era who embarked on this voyage and docked in Plymouth shortly. The names are embossed into the metal plaques that run along the wall from Millbay Road and lead round to the Gold Bullion sculpture that follows on the walkway trial.