A collaborative performance piece that brought together Plymouth’s D/deaf and hearing communities with vocal artists to form a choir, 'Hydrosapien' was performed as part of the 2018 Plymouth Art Weekender.

Photo of a choir performing dressed in black and wearing orange glovesArtist: Laura Denning
Category: Temporary
Date: 2018
Location: View on our Public Art Map [desktop and tablet; requires Google sign-in]
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Commissioner: Visual Arts Plymouth
Producers: Plymouth Art Weekender
Supporters: The Box, Arts Council England, University of Plymouth, Plymouth Culture, KARST, Plymouth City Council and RIO

Project Description

The 30-minute event aimed to push the boundaries of how sound can be understood. Part of the work was a performance of an essay called ‘Hydrofeminism’ written by Astrida Neimanis, adding another dimension to the piece as a way to engage people with broader environmental issues. The work was a celebration of our oceans, rivers and seas, aptly fitting for ‘Britain’s Ocean City’.

Photo of a performance taking place inside Plymouth Guildhall with a choir and an audience

About the Artist

Laura Denning is a UK-based artist who also works internationally on commissions, residencies and installations.