Miss Lido, Show Us Your Guns

The bizarre and the spectacular collide in a performance featuring drummers and alternative beauty queens at Pebblestone Beach.

Artist: Serena Korda
Category: Temporary
Date: 2015
Location: View on our Public Art Map [desktop and tablet; requires Google sign-in]
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Commissioner: Visual Arts Plymouth
Producers: Plymouth Art Weekender
Partners: Arts Council England, Horizon, Plymouth Culture, Plymouth University, Plymouth City Council

Project Description

Miss Lido sought to draw upon the history of beauty contests that have taken place on Plymouth Hoe and Tinside Lido. Korda said her work for the weekender allowed her to reconsider ‘the age-old problem of body dysmorphia and the pressures imposed upon us to conform to the “norm” even though when questioned none of us really know what the hell that is!’

Her performance featuring multi breasted fertility goddess, based on the Greek goddess Artemis explores how showcasing alternative beauty, pushing into the abstract could create dialogue around the wrongs caused by beauty contests over the years.

About the Artist

Serena Korda brings together amateur and professional performers; creating large scale spectaculars that draw upon the history and mythology of particular spaces.