Revolution was part of a wider exhibition which presented new solo audio and collage works by Tim Etchells, alongside neon text works which extended out onto the exterior wall of Plymouth Arts Centre. The prominent neon instruction of ‘Start a Revolution’ was repeated 8 times down the side of the building in 4 alternating colours.

Artist: Tim Etchells
Category: Temporary
Date: 2015
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Producers: Plymouth Arts Centre

Project Description

Etchells’ piece declares the same instructional phrase 8 times, appearing as both an imperative demand for action and as a set of kitsch slogans for Revolution in different tastes. Etchells creates a tension between form and meaning, choosing the retro glow of neon – the 20th Century’s medium of choice for glamour and advertising.

Revolution has been installed in several different configurations and different contexts since its creation in 2010; its presence in Plymouth was in conjunction with a larger exhibition ‘For Now’ held at Plymouth Arts Centre.

About the Artist

Working across visual art, performance and fiction Tim Etchells’ work plays with language, place and presence. Based in Sheffield and London, he has led world-renowned performance group ‘Forced Entertainment’ since 1984 and collaborated with numerous artists across a diverse range of disciplines. The works presented in ‘For Now’ reveal Etchells’ interest in fragments, rhythm and compositional structure as well as exploring the boundaries between sense and nonsense.