The Salty Singing Spectacle of Shiny Sozzled Sailors

A series of immersive performance pieces with a playful and humorous take on the city's naval history; moving throughout the city, stopping at various locations to entertain passers-by.

Image courtesy of VASW, photographer credit Rod Gonzalez

Artist: Edwin Burdis and Tom Woolner
Category: Temporary
Date: 2017
Location: View on our Public Art Map [desktop and tablet; requires Google sign-in]
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Commissioner: Visual Arts Plymouth
Producers: Plymouth Art Weekender
Partners: Arts Council England, Horizon, Plymouth Culture, Plymouth University, Plymouth City Council

Project Description

The artists sought to create an alternative narrative to Plymouth’s well known heritage, particularly its links with the Navy. The performances were influenced by sea shanties, landmark pubs in the city and prominent local figures such as Beryl Cook. Local singers worked with the artists to create choral pieces that were performed by Devonport Park Community Choir at various locations.

Image courtesy of Plymouth Art Weekender

About the Artist

Tom Woolner is a London-based artist; working across sculpture, performance and more recently music, he tests his cartoon-dumb language in a variety of outlets and contexts.

Edwin Burdis’ multifaceted practice traverses drawing, painting, sculpture, film, sound installation and performance, all part of an on-going compulsion to produce. In his current practice he is focused on the production of an imagined opera.

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