The Long Way

A travelling audio installation circumnavigating Armada Way, 'The Long Way' carried biographical stories of adventures and departures, inspired by sailor Bernard Moitessier.

Photo of someone in a bright pink Plymouth Art Weekender tshirt listening to a piece of audio through headphonesArtist: Go Happen
Category: Temporary
Date: 2018
Location: View on our Public Art Map [desktop and tablet; requires Google sign-in]
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Commissioner: Visual Arts Plymouth
Producers: Plymouth Art Weekender
Supporters: Arts Council England, University of Plymouth, Plymouth Culture, KARST, Plymouth City Council and RIO

Project Description

Prior to the 2018 Plymouth Art Weekender, Go Happen ran a free workshop exploring the story of Bernard Moitessier, a sailor who circumnavigated the world one and a half times from 1968-69.

The workshop enabled the artists to collect stories of turning points and adventures from members of the public. It also explored using sailing and the sea for analogies for life experiences. Together the stories were developed and recorded to become part of a travelling audio installation.

During the Weekender a sailing boat circumnavigated Armada Way. The audio was available on board via headphones, enabling people to interact with the work and immerse themselves in the stories.

About the Artist

Go Happen is an artistic collaboration between Colette Grenville and Jacob Woods. Together they create platforms for new stories that explore adventure and human perception through participatory workshops and installations.

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