Vital Sparks round 1

In 2014, bursaries from Vital Sparks were awarded to the following five great projects.

2014 Beach Festival

Children in Stonehouse created an innovative piece of outdoor theatre called ‘An Epic Fishy Tale’ at Devil’s Point with local artists Stiltskin thanks to a £4,000 grant. The production followed the journey of a fish from the river source down to the open sea and involved artists, pupils and parents who all pitched in to create props, costumes and artwork. The project linked with Plymouth’s 2014 Beach Festival which aimed to encourage the respect and preservation of local marine life, eco systems and their community.

Barne Barton Junior Rangers FC

Barne Barton Junior Rangers FC received £1,000 to help transform an old football kit storage container with a mural by a local illustrator and young people from Barne Barton. This project celebrated sport and the local community through creativity and formed part of Barne Barton’s 2014 summer events programme.

Crafting Carers

Crafting Carers run by Plymouth Carers Forum received £2,302 to help combat isolation for carers with a 20-week programme working with those in care and voluntary carers to enjoy craft workshops ahead of a festival to celebrate their new skills.

Glad Rags

Glad Rags received £2,600 for a craft project with communities linked to Ham Woods. Until the end of March 2015, Glad Rags will be bringing people together to learn new skills, build confidence and join community groups encouraging those from a built-up urban environment to visit their local woodland. An overgrown area in Ham Woods will be cleared to plant a willow bed which will provide free materials for the project.

George House

Current and former residents of BCHA’s George House, Plymouth’s homeless hostel, are working with a local photographer to explore their lives through photography and film. The project has been awarded £4,900 through the Vital Sparks scheme. The project will help participants learn new skills and gain confidence ahead of an exhibition to create a better understanding of the experience of being homeless. The project was the residents’ idea and it will be their project from start to finish in late 2015.