Vital Sparks round 2

In our second round of awards, Vital Sparks funding was given to seven deserving initiatives.

Our Way Art

Plymstock based, Our Way Art, has been awarded £3,460 for its ‘Roaming Pin Board’ project which has been devised to tie in with the Big Draw. A group of Plymstock School pupils want to engage new audiences in seeing, experiencing and creating art through inspiring events and creative challenges. They aim to produce a moveable gallery in the form of an art wall or pin board. This will provide a focus for 3 community events during 2015 at which free illustration or arts workshops will be available.

Whitleigh Arts

2015 marks 65 years since the first houses in Whitleigh were built and this anniversary will be celebrated with the Whitleigh Words Festival. Thanks to £2,842 of funding a series of word workshops will be held by Whitleigh Arts during the year, culminating in a festival later in the year to mark National Poetry Day.

Friends of Moor View

The Friends of Moor View Park have been given a £2,500 grant to deliver a series of artist-led workshops exploring “What life means?” A diverse range of local people including students, refugees and people with disabilities will work with artists to produce a piece of artwork or performance for an event in Moor View Park in spring 2015. It’s hoped this will help to inform a permanent installation for the park.

Stonehouse Action

Stonehouse Action has been given £2,400 of funding to commission a series of artists to create works for Union Corner on Union Street. Currently a derelict space, Union Corner will be used to test out community and business ideas to help regenerate the street. Stonehouse Action would like everything that people touch from door knobs to special chairs to be created by artists with materials sourced from the site.


How would it feel to play a piano on the Hoe facing out to sea? Liberating? Spiritual? TEMPO, a group of young people based at Plymouth Music Zone have been awarded £2,390 to bring “Piano for a Day” to Plymouth Hoe and the Piazza encouraging locals to have a play! The experiment will be made into a film and podcast.

Hindu Society at Plymouth University

£300 will go towards a Holi Festival in Moor View Park in the spring of 2015. Run by Hindu students from Plymouth University, the event will be open to everyone. Holi is widely known as the Hindu festival of colours and symbolises the victory of good over evil and the beginning of spring. Festival-goers will throw coloured powder and water at each other with the hope of bringing everyone together to celebrate the diversity of the area.

David Saunders

David has received £500 for a fabulous pilgrim outfit, crafted by Costume Production students at Plymouth College of Art. This bursary is helping to support Pilgrim 400, a project which hopes to populate our Barbican with seniors dressed as pilgrim fathers, who will give a warm welcome to tourists and provide a flavour of the famous Mayflower story.