Vital Sparks round 5

As a result of our fifth funding round, seven projects were given the go ahead thanks to a Vital Sparks bursary.


A group of residents from Devonport have been awarded a bursary of £4,100 to run a yarn storming master class and a series of Etsy and crafting workshops. These new skills will be used in a special celebration day which will include a yarn storm of George Street, craft activities, music and the creation of a community artwork which will map all the buildings in the ward and be coloured in by local residents.

Beyond Face

Beyond Face is a theatre company that supports young people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds. £3,070 has been granted to this new company to develop a musical and give its young members an opportunity to act, sing and dance.

Jewish Cemetery

Plymouth’s historic 275-year old Jewish cemetery has received a £2,863 bursary to research and produce a series of audio soundscapes. The Synagogue and Friends of the Cemetery group will work in partnership with a sound designer to make the soundscapes which will be people can listen to on MP3 players as they wander through the grounds.


Five young people from the Space Shot youth group in Ernesettle who will use their £1,500 bursary to run a music festival this September. This is the first project of its kind in the ward where young people will be involved in programming, booking and marketing a brand new music event.

North Prospect Youth Project

North Prospect Youth Project’s £1,000 bursary will go towards a memorial bench to commemorate William ‘Big Will’ Richards, a much loved young resident from Southway who took his own life in May 2015.

Open Doors International School

Language students at Open Doors International School have been granted £1,000 to run illustration workshops for its ‘Mayflower Returns – Journeys to Plymouth’ project. The workshops will be used to produce artwork to accompany a collection of creative writing produced by the students exploring how they came to live in Plymouth. The work will be turned into an exhibition, e-book and drama script.

Joyce’s Quilt

Joyce’s Quilt will bring women from across the city together to remember and celebrate other females – from sisters, mothers and friends to famous figures. The women will help create a bespoke community quilt that celebrates the women who are important to them. This bursary of £5,000 has been awarded by The Box, Plymouth in support of an outstanding creative community project with a strong focus on heritage.