Reach South West

Plymouth and Exeter Museums: Bringing the South West Together

Reach South West was a partnership that ran from 2015-18 between the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery (RAMM) in Exeter and Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery.

Connected by a shared journey of exploration and discovery, the two museums’ combined experiences make them natural partners. Arts Council England’s Major Partner Museum investment in Reach South West from 2015-18 reflected the close bond that the two organisations developed. Their collaboration enabled them to lead and influence new work to interpret world class collections and engage diverse audiences.

Early career development

We delivered a series of ‘gateway seminars’ for emergent artistic professionals on a variety of themes as part of our work on early career development.

The seminars covered:

  • Pricing in the arts – do you know how to realistically cost your work as an artist?
  • Digital gateways  – how can you make the most of digital media to develop your work as an artist?
  • Finding an audience – how do you connect with your audience and develop your brand as an artist?
  • Funding – what makes a good Grant for the Arts funding application
  • Project management – what makes a successful project?
  • The Open Gateway – how do you engage with audiences through programming?

Partnership projects

The Reach South West partnership worked successfully on a number of collaborative projects. These three films highlight just some of our achievements using our ‘Major Partner Museum’ funding from Arts Council England. These included:

  • Career development programme
  • Supporting creative collaborations – working with artists and communities alike
  • Hidden histories – reaching a diverse range of audiences in the museums