Paul Scott

Cookworthy, Body sherds and Plymouth Rock: A commission by Paul Scott

Art work consisting of four framed ceramic collagesWell-known British ceramic artist, Paul Scott has recently completed a commission, funded by the Contemporary Art Society, for a consortium of four museums – one of which is Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery.

His interest has been in excavating a variety of graphic material from the collections in Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Plymouth and re-animating it in a unique artwork which works as a whole, but also splits into four individual pieces for each museum.

This narrative collage directly references the ceramic and print collections in each museum, highlighting their commonalities and individual characters.

Housed in altered obsolete wooden print trays the work is made up of sliced antique tablewares, tiles, pipes, pots, decals and digital prints. The artwork reanimates historical material to narrate, commemorate and celebrate.

The work is currently on a national tour.

  • Photo of an installation of four works near a display case
  • Closeup of ceramic works in wooden frame
  • Closeup of ceramic works in wooden frame