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Build Update, 27 June 2018: News and views from around the site

by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer Welcome to this month’s Build Update which rounds up a number of pieces of news and information from The Box, Plymouth’s construction site. As is the custom, here’s the latest lapse footage from the web cam for your viewing pleasure! Those of you who walk past the site […]

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Museum On Tour, 13 June 2018: Summer’s on its way

by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer We’ve had a busy few weeks with our ‘On Tour’ programme and the Plymouth History Festival and are now getting ready for an even busier summer. Before I preview what’s coming up, here’s our latest progress report video which summarises some of the main things that happened between […]

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Build Update, 30 May 2018: Web Cam Photos Compare and Contrast

by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer As you may expect, it’s been another busy month on site at The Box! We weren’t able to include any time lapse footage in our last #BuildUpdate post but here are a couple of clips from the web cam to bring you up to date. May’s footage will […]

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Behind The Scenes, 26 May 2018: Neogeographies #1 – A research visit to the collections store

This year marks 250 years since Captain James Cook set sail from Plymouth aboard HMS Endeavour. Plymouth Museums Galleries Archives holds first editions of the memoirs of Cook’s Voyages in our Designated collection, the Cottonian Collection. Artist Helen Snell has recently secured Arts Council England funding for a Cook 250-inspired project called ‘Neogeographies’ in partnership […]

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Behind The Scenes, 23 May 2018: Creating a new digital resource for families

by Fiona Booth, Digital Engagement Officer Recently I’ve been working with colleagues to plan, develop and test out new online learning resources. One project with our Learning Officers, Sara Norrish and Charlotte Gunn, has looked at digital activities for families. Most people access our website now using a mobile or tablet. When The Box opens, […]

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Behind The Scenes, 16 May 2018: Cottonian watercolour reveals a surprise

by Susan Leedham, Cottonian Project Assistant Recently, as part of a digitisation project we’re undertaking, we’ve been preparing our historically significant Cottonian Collection. This has allowed us to spend more time getting up close to the incredible artworks contained in the collection, and uncovering some of their secrets. This vivid watercolour shows the ancient poet […]

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