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Museum On Tour, 7 June 2017: New exhibitions and events

by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer Summer was always a fun time at the Museum and Art Gallery before we closed. We would make sure we had exhibitions on display that were of interest to local residents and tourists. Our holiday workshop programme brought many families into the building and gave children lots of […]

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A Hidden Paradise in Ford Park Cemetery

By Jan Freedman, Curator of Natural History We are surrounded by mini-beasts. They are everywhere: in the soil, the trees, the grass, and even in rivers. With over a million different species worldwide, this is the most diverse group on animals of the planet. (Compare that to just over 5,400 species of mammals!) Beetles with […]

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Forty legs are better than three

By Jan Freedman, Curator of Natural History Museums are full of delightfully strange creatures. The weird and the wonderful are stuffed, pickled or even pinned. Filling shelves and drawers behind the scenes there may be a ghoulish lamprey preserved in spirit, an over-stuffed platypus,* or an enormous goliath beetle in a drawer. Many of these […]

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Going on safari (almost!) – Dartmoor Zoo

By Jan Freedman, Curator of Natural History. Driving through quiet country lanes, you arrive at the pretty picturesque village of Sparkwell, just 15 minutes outside of Plymouth. Here, almost hidden, is large car park. And this is where your trip to Dartmoor Zoo begins. From the car park, you have to walk a few hundred […]

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A walk in the woods

By Jan Freedman, Curator of Natural History Ham Woods is one of Plymouth’s hidden gems. Hidden in the north east of the city, an area the size of around 36 football pitches is home to dozens of species of plants and animals. And it is there for all to enjoy and explore. The woods would […]

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Meet the Experts!

By Emma Philip, Curator of Fine Art Don’t forget, you can soon hear all about the Cottonian Historic Furniture Project from two experts who have played a key role. On Tuesday October 22 at 1.10pm, Dr Adam Bowett will talk about his research into the furniture, its makers and many exotic specimen woods.  Click here […]

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