Joyce’s Quilt

Joyce's Quilt on display at the launch event on 8 March 2017‘Joyce’s Quilt’ is a Vital Sparks project funded by the History Centre and supported by a range of partners that aims to:

  • combat social isolation among women using craft
  • build on the ancient tradition that women have to use craft as a form of activism

The project took place over a 7-month period during 2016-17.

18 workshops and events were held at a range of venues across Plymouth.

A section of Joyce's QuiltWomen of different nationalities including British, Dutch, Iranian, Kurdish, Afghan, Liberian, the Ivory Coast and the Philippines came together to produce a quilt.

The quilt features 56 patches all of which are dedicated to women.

The project was inspired by the memory of Joyce Carol Vincent, a 38-year old woman who died in her London studio flat in 2003 and whose body lay undiscovered for two years.

Joyce VincentJoyce was found clutching a shopping bag and surrounded by Christmas presents she had wrapped but never delivered. The television and the heating were still on.

The most exciting and touching outcome of this project was the stories that women shared with each other, the support they gave each other and the friendships they developed along the way.

The quilt will now tour to the venues where it was produced so the wider community can enjoy it.

After this it will be displayed in the community gallery at The Box, Plymouth after it opens in 2020.

Project Links

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  • See images from the Launch Event which took place on International Women’s Day 2017
  • Read the stories that inspired each of the patches on the quilt