School visits to Smeaton’s Tower

A visit to Smeaton’s Tower is a perfect opportunity to develop pupils’ creativity and imagination. It is a particularly useful historic site to visit for STEM subjects, as well as History, Geography and Art. Why not combine your school visit with a trip to the Mayflower Museum, to learn more about Plymouth’s role in the Mayflower story?

A visit can be an integral part of your longer-term planning, supporting subjects across the curriculum. There is so much to do and see during a visit, that the possibilities for follow-up activities are endless.

Plan your visit

Photograph of a lighthouse in a park settingWe offer self-directed sessions which can be booked from Tuesday to Friday, depending on availability.

Smeaton’s Tower is very popular, so it is essential for you to book in advance of your visit. If you are interested in booking a school group visit, please email [email protected].

For any other school enquiries, please email [email protected].

We recommend that all teachers visit before making a booking, for planning and risk assessment purposes.