Film Collections

Find out more about the collections we hold. Once The Box is open in 2020, some of the moving image collections will star in our Media Lab gallery.

Westward Television and Television South West (TSW)
The largest single collection is made up of the news and programme libraries of the ITV broadcasters for the South West region from 1961 to 1992. This collection also includes documentation, slides, photographs, art works and memorabilia relating to Westward TV and TSW. All rights in the Westward and TSW material are held by The Box.

Digby Collection
From Lord Digby of Minterne House, Dorset, a large collection showing life in the 1930s in the one of the stately homes of England. It records family life, hunting, shooting and fishing, to holidays at home and abroad.

Endicott Collection
Claude Endicott was a butcher who filmed life in and around Plymouth from the 1920s to the mid 1960s. Historical events are mixed with his love of all things modern as we see the times change through his lens; the Prince of Wales opening Plymouth airport to the rebuilding of the city centre after the Blitz.

Major Gill Collection
In the 1930s a Truro shopkeeper realised his beloved Cornwall was changing. He set out to record the life and times of the county as a moving record of the past for the future.

Holman’s Collection
Cornwall’s only major industrial manufacturing company filmed the factory, the work force and the products. Some of these are seen in use and on demonstration. Also footage of an air powered anti aircraft gun used in WW2.

Hinton Collection
Like Major Gill, Mr Hinton saw the end of steam-powered railways arriving at speed. He set out to record the demise of the steam engine and the emergence of the diesel. With a trackside pass he shot from unusually close angles as well as from inside the trains. He filmed gems such as the last train on Portland.

Dunn Collection
Life in North Devon was recorded by Mr Dunn in both colour and black and white around the Second World War. Events round Barnstaple, farming’s changing seasons, American troops on the 5 June 1944 and the landscaping of his own garden are all shown.

Page Collection
Bristol based Frank Page filmed from the mid 1930s to the mid 1950s. He shows a life full of travel from trips to the USA to many family holidays in Cornwall and Wales including life in a 1950s caravan.

Newton Kennedy Collection
A small collection shot in West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly in the 1930s. Scenes of fishermen working at Cadgwith and the full story of early spring flowers from the farm on Scilly to the markets in London.