Depositing Archaeological Archives

Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery collects archaeological archives from the City of Plymouth, West Devon and the South Hams.

If you are going to carry out an excavation in this area, please contact our Curator of Archaeology on 01752 304774 in advance of the excavation.

Requirements for depositing archaeological archives

Archaeological archives need to be prepared in accordance with all the conditions laid out in our Deposition of Archaeological Archives document below. The museum charges for deposition.

PCMAG archaeological archive deposition [PDF]

The digital archive material must:

  • Be prepared to ADS specifications for file format and documentation.
  • Have a file list which matches the number and type of digital files on the CD (a hard copy of the file list and duplicate CD also need to be included with the documentary archive deposited with us).
  • Have all files named in accordance with ADS requirements. As far as possible the file names should mirror the unique accession numbers assigned to all images, plans and small finds (point numbers need to be substituted with underscores so 2012.5.1.4 becomes 2012_5_1_4).
  • Include the associated OASIS id; the OASIS record must list the museum accession number for the site.


  • Excavator completes details for ADS Licence and emails to museum
  • Museum then signs ADS Licence as Licensee and sends to ADS.
  • ADS submits invoice to excavator.
  • Excavator settles invoice.

Collecting area

You can see our collecting area on the map below. The area outlined in lilac represents the boundary for archives to be deposited at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery.

PCMAG South west Devon area [PDF]

Check the lists below for parishes and wards in our collecting area.

Forms for depositing an archaeological archive

You can download the forms below, but please contact us before you complete them as we will provide you with other forms and templates as necessary for you to prepare your archives.

PCMAG notification of fieldwork [PDF]

PCMAG archive deposition form [PDF]