Cottonian Collection Prints: Old Masters

Several print volumes are after old master paintings and drawings.

Print of a nativity scene

‘The nativity’ by Arthur Pond after Pouissin

COP1: Pond and Knapton’s Imitations of Drawings
Includes various caricatures, studies of people and animals and scenes such as ‘The Adoration of the Magi’ and ‘The Nativity’.

Two groups of men standing and sitting, some are sharing books

Two groups of men reading, by Comte de Caylus after Raphael

COP2: Prints from Drawings Volume I

Includes studies, biblical scenes and classical buildings and figures. Many are published by Comte de Caylus.

A woman playing a lute whilst a group of people listen

Group of men and women singing and playing, by Bartolozzi after Guercino

COP3: Prints from Drawings Volume II
Various types of prints including biblical scenes, studies, portraits, caricatures. Includes works after Bartolozzi, Basire and Kauffman.

scene from greek mythology

‘The Judgement of Paris’ by Basire after Romanelli

COP7: A Century of Prints from Drawings, published by Charles  Rogers, (FRS, FSA)
Biblical and classical engravings and some portraits of Queen Elizabeth I, Robert Dudley (Earl of Leicester), by various printmakers including William Wynne Ryland, James Basire and Simon Watts.