Cottonian Collection Prints: Schools

Many print volumes are grouped by school.

Flemish and Dutch schools

A busy scene by a river. People are gathered in an open area, some herding animals whilst others are landing a boat. Town buildings are seen in the background.

Peasants at Market. Van Merlen after Pieter Bout.

COP4: Etchings by German Flemish & Dutch Painters
Various types of prints including several by Charles Grignon after Hubert Gravelot. Pastoral scenes and landscapes including some by Danckerts after Berchem. Many of animals including lions and leopards, by engraver Marcus de Bye. Featuring an engraving by van Merlen after Pieter Bout.

Italian schools of Lombardy, Rome and Venice

Black and white print depicting Mary holding baby Jesus

Mother and child surrounded by cherubs

COP6: Opera Chalcographica Caroli Maratti Romani (Carlo Maratta/Maratto)
‘Chalcography-engraved works on metal’ by various printmakers. Carlo Maratti/Maratta was an Italian painter mainly based in Rome.

COP18: Scuola Romana Volume IV
Various classical and biblical scenes after works by Italian artists, including Reni, Berrettoni and Maratti.

St. Margaret, pointing towards the sky, with one foot on a dragon.

‘S. Margarita’ (St. Margaret) by Bloemaert after Carracci.

COP19: Scuola di Lombardia Volume I
Various religious works after Italian artists including Correggio, Il Parmiggiano, Carracci. Engravings include some by Bloemart.

COP20: Scuola di Lombardia Volume II
Religious works and some self-portraits after Italian artists including Domenico Zampieri, Albano, Renni and biblical scenes, some with animals, after Castiglione.

COP21: Raccolta delle Stampe intagliate dalle Pitture Scuola Ventiana, Volume I
Mainly works after Italian artists including Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese. Religious and mythological subjects such as The Muses in consort with their proper symbols after Tintoretto. Some portraiture and landscapes.

A print showing a ballet scene of the marriage of Neptune and Amphitrite.

‘Quarta scena di mare’ by della Bella after A. Parigi the younger

COP22: Raccolta delle Stampe intagliate dalle Pitture Scuola Ventiana, Volume I
Religious works after Il Giovine, Il Bassano and Tiepolo. Also contains series of engravings by della Bella after operatic set designs by Alfonso Parigi.

Scene showing a great feast banquet. This is a depiction of the miracle of water being turned into wine.

‘The Marriage at Cana’ by Volpato after Tintoretto

COP28: Scuola Romana &c Volume I
Religious and mythological works based on work by Michaelangelo, Raphael, Tintoretto and Caravaggio such as ‘Galatea’ and ‘The Marriage at Cana’. Other work includes portraits and classical landscapes.

A print showing a biblical scene. Two women stand before a king, one is pleading with the king to save a baby.

‘The Judgement of Solomon’ by Ragot after Rubens

COP29: Scuola Romana &c Volume II
Religious work based on frescos by Correggio, the cardinal virtues based on frescos by Zampieri and the Judgement of Solomon after work by Rubens. Also contains a series of prints by Pouissin after Canaletto, showing views of construction of canals in Venice.

French school

A print of a scene showing what appears to be Greek gods, fighting.

A scene from Greek mythology, by Picart after Le Sueur

COP23: Ecole francoise Volume I
Works after French artists such as Simon Vouet (including David with the Head of Goliath, Madonna and Child and some allegorical images such as Love, Hope and Beauty). Subjects include religious works illustrations of the Psalms, groups of children, including an engraving by Cochin and a number by Picart after Le Sueur.

An engraving showing the fashions of a large crowd, in St. James Park, London.

‘Taste à-la-Mode as in the year 1735’ by Davis after Boitard.

COP24: Ecole francoise Volume II
Works of various dogs, horses and donkeys by Ridinger, birds by Casteels, portraits, birds and some other animals by George Edwards (English naturalist and ‘father of British ornithology’), equestrian figures by G.P. Rugendas (German military painter and engraver). Portraits of greek women by Richard Dalton (artist, engraver and librarian to King George III). Caricatures by comte de Caylon after Bouchardon, de Loutherbourg. Portraits and caricatures by Arthur Pond after Ghezzi.

COP26: Recueil d’Estampes d’aprés les Tableaux de l’Ecole Francoise Volume I
Works after French artist Coypel, Vleughels, Bourdon and Pouissin amongst others. Subjects include biblical scenes, Greek mythology and landscapes. Portraits, some after work by Rigaud-y-Ros.

COP27: Recueil d’Estampes d’aprés les Tableaux de l’Ecole Francoise Volume II
Includes landscapes after works by Gellee, Vernet, Boucher and van der Meulen. Many show French villages, towns and countryside. Some classical landscapes by Glauber and Moucheron. There are some portraits by Jean Audran after works by Le Brun.

English school

Access some highlights of English school works through the online catalogue.