Cottonian Collection Prints: by subject

A number of Cottonian print volumes are grouped by subjects.

Some volumes are arranged by subject such as landscapes by Altdorfer and Bril. Others focus on portraits and contain engravings by Bartolozzi and Dalton after works by Holbein. Some volumes contain a range of subjects, from mythology to satirical scenes. In addition there are volumes that record the work of Reynolds. These include tomes on engravings after various portraits by Reynolds, amongst other works.

Historical, mythological and satirical subjects

A print showing two figures standing on a hillside. One is pointing towards a cliffside with a waterfall running down it.

‘Tobias and the angel’ by Waterlo

COP5: Painter’s Etchings
Biblical and classical scenes. Etchings of peasant life by A. van Ostade. River and canal landscapes. Many landscape scenes by Claude de Lorraine as well as others by A. Canal or Canaletto, Grimaldi, Waterlo (eg Tobias and the Angel), and other studies and portraits, ‘Costume a la Mode’ by Watteau and S. Le Clerc.

A print which is part of a series which looks satirically at high society marriage in 1700s. A tired wife and husband are sitting in a room in disarray.

‘Marriage A-la-Mode, Plate II’ by Baron after Hogarth

COP10: Modern, Volume I
Allegorical friezes, shipping prints by E.W. Cooke, moral and satirical subjects such as Marriage-a-la-Mode and The Rake’s Progress after Hogarth. Some are after oils in the collection (A Girl Shelling Peas and A Girl Gathering Filberts by Brigg). Country scenes after Gainsborough.

Print of a group entertaining themselves, with music and drinking.

‘A drinking party’ by Vaillant after Gerars

COP11: Historical Mezzotintos Volume I
Mythological scenes after works by Titian, religious scenes, landscapes and countryside scenes, some portraits depicting country folk, people playing instruments and dancing.


COP12: A Collection of prints of landskips, views and sea-pieces, Volume I
Dutch prints including port areas of Amsterdam by Seeman/Zeeman, marine views by A. Casembroodt and other port scenes by Dancker Danckerts. Country landscapes by A. Genoels and Waterlo and classical styles by A. Meyeringh. Landscapes around Chalo-Saint-Mars by Flemish engraver A. Flamen.

COP13: A Collection of prints of landskips, views and sea-pieces, Volume II
Various landscapes of marine, classical, biblical, gardens, Italian views printed by Barriere, Rousseau, Perelle, Mauperche, ‘Acts of Mercy’ by Bourdon.

Print depicting night, by a coastline, with the moon lighting the scene.

‘Nox’ or Night, by Hondius after Stephanus

COP14: A Collection of prints of landskips, views and sea-pieces, Volume III
Includes ‘months of the year’ by Flemish landscape artist Jan (or Hans) Bol, classical landscapes, landscapes with figures by Aegidius Sadeler, Low country landscapes by H Hondius after M Bril. Other depictions of the four seasons and ‘months of the year’ after Van de Velde. Views in France and Germany by M. Merian.

A countryside church is surrounded by rich vegetation.

‘July’ by Mattioli

COP15: A collection of prints of landskips, views and sea-pieces, Volume IV
Landscapes, biblical scenes, works after Carracci. A series of prints entitled ‘Monumenta haec et venerandae antiquitatis Romanae vestigial’ by Flemish printer van Nieulant. Many works by Mattioli, including series of vignettes, landscapes and months of the year.

COP30: A Collection of landskips views and sea-pieces, Volume I
Various landscapes by different artists. Ranging from classical landscapes, rustic and countryside views showing buildings and people working on the land. Many works are after M. Ricci and Marieschi and include views of canals, bridges and buildings of Venice, such as the Basilica of St Marks. Some maritime scenes of ports.

 A dramatic mountain scene in which the figure of the saint is a tiny part.

‘St. Jerome in the Wilderness’ by Cock after Brueghel

COP31: A collection of landskips views and sea-pieces, Volume II
Includes a series of ‘Large Landscapes’ after Pieter Bruegel the Elder, a series of views of Rome by Jacques Prou, various views of Derbyshire by Vivares after T. Smith. Views of the Lake District after W. Bellers. Various stately homes and views of London including some by Rooker after Sandby.


Print of a side profile of a boy

‘Edward VI’ by Dalton after Holbein

COP9: Portraits, Volume I
Portraits range from nobility, aristocracy, papacy, to prints after Ghezzi caricatures

COP16: Smith’s mezzo-tintos Volume I
Portraits of royalty from Britain and Europe including King William III and Queen Mary, aristocracy and figures such as Sir Christopher Wren and Sir Isaac Newton.

COP17: Smith’s mezzo-tintos Volume II
Portraits of British aristocracy and some biblical scenes amongst other types of portraits.

Portrait of a woman. The decorations around the portrait are of mythological figures.

‘Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I’

COP32: Portraits, Volume I
Portraits by various artists and printmakers. One group of these are possibly of members of the Catholic church by the printmaker Castel. Another group are by A. van Westerhout, including saints such as St Francis Borgia. Another set of European royalty are by C. Mellan. There is a set by R. Nanteuil of French aristocracy, inlcuding ‘Portraits de Louis Le Grande’, ‘Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I’, French noblewoman ‘Marguerite de Valois, Comtesse de Caylus’.

portrait showing a woman in highly decorative dress and wearing a crown

‘Portrait of Elizabeth I, Queen of England.’ by van Queboren

COP33: Portraits, Volume II
Portraits of notable subjects (majority Dutch and Flemish?) featuring the Renaissance humanist and scholar, Erasmus of Rotterdam and the Flemish composer Orlando di Lasso. Volume including some by Hendrik Goltzius, Dutch early Baroque printmaker and Flemish Renaissance printmaker Sadeler. Many are by J Greut.

COP34: Portraits, Volume III
Portraits of mainly British notable subjects, including Queen Elizabeth I. Many are by J Faber and J Vertue after portraits of the British aristocracy by Sir Godfrey Kneller.

Print of a man wearing traditional clothing of West Africa.

‘Job, son of Solliman Dgiallo’ by W. Hoare

COP35: Portraits, Volume IV
Portraits of mainly British notable subjects. Many are by J Faber after portraits of the British aristocracy by Sir Godfrey Kneller. Includes a portrait of former Muslim slave, Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, after a painting by William Hoare which was the earliest portrait of a black African Muslim and freed slave.

COP36: Portraits of poets, Volume I
Not digitised

A man in repose by a window.

Portrait of Michelangelo

COP37: Portraits of painters, sculptors, architects and engravers, Volume I
Many have work featured within the other Cottonian print volumes. Including several of Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, da Vinci, Raphael, del Sarto and Caravaggio. Baroque (Claude Lorrain, Annibale Carracci, Bernini and Guercino)

COP38: Portraits of painters, sculptors, architects and engravers, Volume II
Portraits of painters, sculptors, architects and engravers. Including portraits of Hans Bol, Flemish artist; Dutch artists Bloemart and Goltzius amongst others. This volume is only partially digitised.

Other subjects

Portrait of a woman sitting whilst resting her head on her hand

‘The Plymouth Beauty’

COP8: Engravings after Sir Joshua Reynolds
Various sitters, including Hannah Horneck, ‘The Plymouth Beauty’. Includes some works after oils by Sir Joshua Reynolds in PCMAG’s collection (such as portraits of Charles Rogers and Reverend Samuel Reynolds). Includes some prints after other artists.

An elephant from the side in the foreground, with another elephant walking in the distance

Elephants, by Stefano della Bella

COP25: Miscellaneous, Mens Agitat Molem/Mind Over Matter
Collection of drawings and engravings, studies of body parts and faces, and collections of engravings by Stefano Della Bella c. 1659. Series of works include ‘Recueil de diverses pieces Servant a l’art de portraiture’, Principii del Disegno, ‘Raccolta di vasi diversi’, Diverses exercices de cavalerie, Agreable diversité de figures, Diversi Animali, Desseins de quelques conduites de troupes, Canons, et ataques de villes.

COP39: A Collection of prints after Reynolds English
Not digitised

COP40: English School, Volume II
Includes works after well-known artists such as Titian, Zoffany and Kauffman. Engravings are by British engravers including Sir Robert Strange and James Ward. Not digitised.

COP41: Works of William Woollett
English engraver. Includes works after artists such as Claude Lorrain and Richard Wilson. Not digitised.

COP42: Prints of frescoes in the Vatican after Raphael
Not digitised.

COP43: Portfolio 6
Not digitised.

COP44: Portfolio of Prints & Maps
Portfolio, containing American print of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” and other loose prints and maps. Not digitised.

COP45: Porfolio 7
Not digitised.

COP46: Haymans Illustrations to Shakespeare
Not digitised.