Papua New Guinea – Eating and drinking

Objects used for eating and drinking in Plymouth's Papua New Guinea (PNG) collection include containers and utensils, such as forks, spoons and scoops.

Many of our catalogue records were created in the past and have yet to be updated. Some of the historic wording may now appear outdated and even offensive. Please be aware that the database may include records for objects that are considered secret or sacred by some communities. If you see anything that concerns you, please get in touch with us.

container from PNG

Bowl (PLYMG 1909.382x)


Dauncey’s collection contains two carved gourd containers – one with a lid and a string for carrying it, an oval wooden bowl with a small handle at each end, and a wooden plate with a carved rim. The carved pattern is similar to those found on drums, clubs and lime spatulas.

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fork from PNG

Fork (PLYMG 1909.398.1x)


The collection includes a set of three bone utensils for eating food, tied together with plant fibre and kept in a bamboo container inside a knotted string carrier.

There is also a three-pronged fork (with a fourth prong missing), and a carved wooden fork with just two prongs. There are three short-handled spoons, one carved from coconut shell and the others from gourd, which have short, elaborately carved handles, as well as one long-handled ladle. There are also two bamboo knives and two handles for knives, each made from a cassowary-bone.

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