Papua New Guinea – Other collections

The rest of the Museum’s PNG collections came from at least fourteen different collectors, and arrived at the Museum between the 1880s and the 1990s. These people include Sabine Baring-Gould – the famous Devon antiquarian – and Gertrude Benham, the mountaineer and traveller who, in 1934, gave the Museum its biggest world cultures collection from all over the British Empire, as it was then.

Download this document to see a complete list of the collectors who brought PNG collections to Plymouth.

Papua New Guinea collectors at Plymouth [PDF – 88KB]

For most of the objects in the collection, all that we know is that they come from PNG – but for some of them, we have a more specific place of origin.

Download this document for a list of the places in PNG that Plymouth’s collections came from.

Places where the collections are from [PDF – 123KB]

Many people have contributed to the information on these web pages, and many books have been consulted. Download this document to find out where the information comes from, and for further reading.

Acknowledgements and sources [PDF – 123KB]