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Decant Day, 6 July 2016: The Importance of Training

by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer As those of you who’ve been reading our blog posts will know there’s a lot of packing going on behind the scenes at the City Museum and Art Gallery! We’re emptying the building bit by bit so we can hand it over to the construction firm who will […]

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Decant Day, 22 June 2016: Rediscovering Branscombe Lace

By Alison Cooper, Curator of Decorative Art One of the great things about the decant process is that we’re getting to know our collections much better. With over a million objects in our collections, it would take a long time for any curator to get to physically see every object. This is a rare chance […]

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Decant Day, 8 June 2016: Packing our World Cultures Collection

By Tabitha Cadbury, Curator of Social History and World Cultures In preparation for the redevelopment of the Museum and Art Gallery for the History Centre, myself and my colleague Rachel Smith have started to pack and document our world cultures collections. There are over 4,000 objects altogether. About 10% of these are currently on display in […]

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Decant Day, 11th May 2016: 100th Box!

By Lottie Clark, Decant Curator We recently hit the first of many milestones during our Museum decant – we packed our 100th box from the Ceramic collection! Usually the packing volunteers are working in our Decorative Art Store, deep in the basement of the Museum. So when it came to our 100th box they had a bit […]

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Forty legs are better than three

By Jan Freedman, Curator of Natural History Museums are full of delightfully strange creatures. The weird and the wonderful are stuffed, pickled or even pinned. Filling shelves and drawers behind the scenes there may be a ghoulish lamprey preserved in spirit, an over-stuffed platypus,* or an enormous goliath beetle in a drawer. Many of these […]

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Decant Day, 27 April 2016: Preparing the Costume Collection for Decant

By Alison Cooper, Curator of Decorative Art The costume and textile store is just one area of the Museum which has to be decanted to MASS as we prepare for the building of the Plymouth History Centre. The costume and textile collection holds nearly 10,000 items including male and female dress from the 17th through to […]

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